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Apr 07 2016 at 06:22
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If it breaks below 110.00 we might see it fall even lower than 108.00, towards 104.50 - 104.00.

Apr 07 2016 at 16:15
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I must admit I was in a bit of a shock when I saw the pair break below 108. Poor export sector when the pair have strengthen about 12% this year.

Apr 07 2016 at 22:21
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A pull back before further downside movement, eyes on 107.00 level.

Apr 08 2016 at 07:07
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it may be down to 107 level but surely will back up test 110 before testing 100 .
I start buy right now and TP at 110 before heavy sell to 100 .
Good luck .

Apr 08 2016 at 07:12
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The USDJPY continued its bearish momentum yesterday bottomed at 107.66 but traded higher earlier today hit 108.83. The bias remains bearish in nearest term testing 107.00 region. Immediate resistance is seen around 109.15/30. A clear break above that area could lead price to neutral zone in nearest term but as long as stays below 110.96 I still prefer a bearish scenario at this phase and any upside pullback should be seen as a good opportunity to sell.

Apr 09 2016 at 06:07
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Last time USD/JPY short time upside rally rejected at 109.90 & also passing the key support (also intraday support ) 108.50. It heading towards 107.66 range. The downside pressure still very going on as there is not yet any strong indication of intervention from Japanese Government & Fed also not in way to push up dollar yet. In this scenario if clear pass 107.66 then it might lead to the downside target at 106.60 near the historical support at 106.50. If USD/JPY push further then look at 104.64 - 105.88 range. It might stabilize at 105.88 range if it sell off further and no intervention case.

Apr 09 2016 at 10:37
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I think that the pair will reach 107.00 soon. And I also think that next week it will likely continue towards 105.00 - 103.00

Apr 10 2016 at 03:51
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Next week there are key events but it might not be a quick remarkable reversal. Main focus is on China GDP q/y. If it positive it will boost dollar. A contrary move above 109.30 & 110.90 resistance areas are first warning signs. Its move to 107.66 will indicate whether downside major levels can hit or not.

Apr 11 2016 at 06:19
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Apr 11 2016 at 09:46
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This morning post Tokyo session it hits a new trend low at 107.62 as we know that. After that there were some verbal threats from Japanese side. It's like they are very frustrated to see as it tries to break through that level. There are not yet any obvious strong reaction yet against the overall trend. Since the move is overextended so much as we understand so need caution also.

 At 4 hour chart a harami forms giving some break and price still struggles to break above 5 & 8 EMA resistance.

As long price under 107.60 stronger the bearish bias as well as key break of 107.50.

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