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WHO trades forex for more than 10 years and keeps making regular profits

Dec 02 2019 at 16:57
26 posts
I also have friends who have been trading for over 10 years. I can't say that their career became profitable from the very first days, but now they get a stable income and, most importantly, they are constantly learning. The market changes a lot every year, new assets, strategies and trends appear. Therefore, their way cannot be fully used as an instruction to trade today. But their stories inspire and motivate us to develop, because none of them came to success quickly. But now their experience and knowledge bring them money, which can be compared to the salaries that people get at the official work in the office or a large organization. By the way, many of them hide their way of earning money, because many other people do not consider Forex to be a serious business.
Cuong (CuongVC)
Dec 05 2019 at 06:07
237 posts
Started on 2006. Still trading. Never give up spirit finally paid off. Profitable from 3 years ago. Going big this year.

If you can prove that you can make money grows, tons of money will flow to you.
Adam Cantor (AdamCantor)
Dec 05 2019 at 13:19
98 posts
not ten years lol, more like 4 but the first 12 months or so i was on demo
vontogr (togr)
Dec 05 2019 at 15:07
4862 posts
BluePanther posted:
SNF_Complex posted:

still trade from 2000 ..

still in profit !

Amazing! One of the 5% of traders who stay profitable! 19 years' straight! Wow!
Keep it up, you are an inspiration for losers like me! 😎

His accounts are not verified and last updated years ago...
Dec 06 2019 at 15:30
70 posts
My first trade was back on 2009... profit from 2012 since now! Enjoy your profits and do not overtrade!!!
Trade like a robot
Dec 11 2019 at 03:15
775 posts
Its a long jurney, most people dont expect it to be full of obstacles, failures, losses and more, but once those are overcome, you bet you will be in for the ride of your life. Sacrife and discipline pays up in the markets.
Fractal Pip (danpadcas)
Dec 13 2019 at 19:31
10 posts
BluePanther posted:
togr posted:
It is not strange if you keep trading forex for 10+ years because you are profitable.
Let me rephrase the question, is there anybody trading for 10+ years and still losing money?
I would like to know your motivation:)

That would be me! I started October 2008 and I am still struggling to make money.

But my motivation is that forex is the best business there is, and I know it is possible to make a living and retire from forex. Last year, I turned AUD$50,000 into AUD$13,000,000 in two months using high risk on CHFSGD and EURTRY, but on 3 January 2019 I lost 96% because of the Yen Flash Crash. I only withdrew AUD$80,000 for my mother, and I agree that greed was the major factor in my loss: I was earning AUD$100,000 per day and I didn’t want to stop.

Well, at least I can say “been there, done that.”
Though it would be nice to “be there” again... some day maybe...

I don't get how you can lose pretty much everything when you banked 13M...
Matt (BluePanther)
Dec 13 2019 at 23:03
1358 posts
danpadcas posted:
I don't get how you can lose pretty much everything when you banked 13M...

Because I didn't 'bank it' (withdraw the money). I kept all my money in my trading accounts, and opened 20 in all.

Director kept calling me every second day to withdraw and I refused.
Trading Desk called me every second day to reduce risk and I started getting sick of their attention.

I only withdrew $80,000 for my mother's mortgage.

Big money only causes hassles, because everyone suddenly wants to be your best friend, or wants handouts.

Stay humble, earn a little.

But whatever you do, do not forget:
'You came into this world with nothing, and you will leave this world with nothing - except what you have become.'
Dec 14 2019 at 01:04
83 posts
keeping things in forex full time is a career and profession.other professions like doctors and in science require many thousands of hours learning and training on job so why should trading be any different.?since most are doing learning and trading part time why holding down a job;10 years and many more learning to get a degree to print money should equate to a lot of time in fact we are are doing less intensive training with probably way less hours in study; and in pressure and stress too ;to some degree.i trade as a hobby ;with knowledge each mistake is one less to make till happy with results; that differ from person to person.there are few shortcuts in this least trading there is no student loan to pay off as trading should only be with excess expenses and not loans.on a weekly basis cost is also not great on a persons budget.i am looking for high risks/rewards trading as have work retirement schemes that average single digits per year.also even losing money is interesting ;because no moans losing money at a casino;they know the risks. in forex it seems different to it because people study a system hard then fails;the pain of losing is worst;than just straight out gambilng?
FxWorldGodfather (jabed777)
Dec 15 2019 at 07:21
3 posts
I am in the Market more than 10years and Making Profit....
Dec 16 2019 at 03:32
5 posts
please show a trading history, only MT5 screenshots are more convincing than telling a lot
FxWorldGodfather (jabed777)
Dec 16 2019 at 05:08
3 posts
Thanks did you want ten year back story? screenshot?
Jack Smith
Dec 16 2019 at 06:24
57 posts
I've invented ATM Machine for over the 10 years, it works all kind of market situations all the times.
Keep watching pls.
Dec 16 2019 at 16:00
93 posts
jabed777 posted:
Thanks did you want ten year back story? screenshot?

If you have a 10yr history to share, I would like to see it for sure.
test the waters, before you dive in
Dec 16 2019 at 17:44
5 posts
GlobalScalper posted:
I've invented ATM Machine for over the 10 years, it works all kind of market situations all the times.
Keep watching pls.

So you mean it works when you have 5 demo and the only one real cent account with the huge amount (215) of opened orders on it?
Adam Cantor (AdamCantor)
Dec 20 2019 at 14:11
98 posts
livegood3 posted:
jabed777 posted:
Thanks did you want ten year back story? screenshot?

If you have a 10yr history to share, I would like to see it for sure.

me too. i am curious to know how you learnt- for free or paid courses?
Iceberg Trader (ice_berg_33)
Dec 24 2019 at 01:01
3 posts
Gowaletasia posted:
I would like to ask if there is a forex trader more than 10 years old and still generate regular profit here ?
I'm sorry to ask this
because I see the portfolio of several forex winners here on other contests they lose a lot, inconsistent
my opinion for long term 100% forex traders must have lost
therefore many brokers give a lot of bonuses
please let me know if my opinion is wrong

Are you looking to invest?
Iceberg Trader (ice_berg_33)
Dec 24 2019 at 07:58
3 posts
@GlobalScalper Not bad
ProfitableRisks (ProfitableRisks)
Dec 28 2019 at 05:27
38 posts
20 years and still accumulating And withdrawing profits
Dec 29 2019 at 17:08
93 posts
ProfitableRisks posted:
20 years and still accumulating And withdrawing profits

Do you have a REAL account history to back up what your saying...or even 1 yr history? All I see is a demo a couple weeks old.
test the waters, before you dive in
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