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Will the birth of the European Super League change the markets?

Apr 20 2021 at 07:39
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Of course it will!
We are facing a step towards a scaled economy where the approximately four billion a year of television rights will shift the balance of the most important sponsors up to hundreds, perhaps trillions of billions.
This may vary the very delicate balances on which our bot strategies and settings are based. This may have consequences on our continuity of results.

Maintaining a continuity of trading results is the hardest thing. In addition to the discipline, we need to set ourselves a goal and have the discipline to stop the series without forcing the system.
It took me about eight years of work to reach the result of 40% per month that today I am achieving continuously.
Se sei arrivato a leggere il mio motto non hai più biusogno di leggere il mio motto.
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