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Alternative Investments: If Common Investments Just Aren’t Your Thing

Jul 04 2017 at 06:49
22 posts
A lot of alternative investments have a high minimum investment rate and fee structures as opposed to mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. There is also less opportunity to issue performance data and advertise to possible investors. Unlike conventional investments alternative assets offer low liquidity as you will find that selling the asset will be more difficult because of a limited amount of numbers compared to conventional assets.
Jul 04 2017 at 10:05
15 posts
It depends on what you mean by 'alternative'. You could consider trading exotic currencies as 'alternative' and you can do that with many brokers
Jul 04 2017 at 14:53
920 posts
High minimum investment is not possible for me, since I’m a retail Forex trader! I started my live trading with only 200$; in addition, right now my trading equity is more than 10K. So low trading investment is not a permanent problem actually!
Jul 12 2017 at 11:21
45 posts
You are talking about here Institutional Forex traders! Yes, they have huge trading capital for trading with a decent trading skill! By the way, I am a retail Forex trader and I have a plan for being a institutional player in near future.
Jul 17 2017 at 13:18
1487 posts
Whatever one is investing in they should be careful to make sure they are not getting scammed. Australians alone have lost 13.3 million AUD since the start of the year because of various investment scams. ( Always double-check the company you are working with.
Feb 13 2020 at 18:48
18 posts
I can tell you that nothing can be compared with something like stocks investments for various reasons anyway. I do not want to get mad over here. Can we use such cases for doing something good or bad? I am really not that sure anyway.
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