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Better Software or better way for Optimization in MT4 Strategy Tester ?

Neosky (Neosky)
Aug 07 2013 at 15:48
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Hi All,

Please help to share your opinion

(a) Problem

I build my own EA a lots and test them over MT4 Strategy Tester. It's is OK but when come to the optimization portion. It's nightmare for me because optimize time take around 1 hours or up to 3 hours depend on the EA strategy.

This is just 1 idea during optimization. If I have 10 idea and need to re-run 10 times then will take time up to 30 hours. If I test it over 30 currency pairs then will become more than 900 hours.

I don't think this is the right way to run optimization on MT4 Strategy Tester.

(b) Question, Do you know any better software or better way to run optimization ? My friend told me some software called 'Matlab'; use Monte Carlo Simulation for analysis the parameter

(c) Question, Do you know what software those Banks/Financial institutions use for Monte Carlo Simulation ? Is it only 'Matlab' ?

Thank you in advance
DG (domgilberto1)
Aug 08 2013 at 17:14
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MatLab is a pretty epic one for sure - I am currently learning that. But I am not entirely sure whether or not you can actually run a strategy on it. It's more to do with complex scenarios where-by, dependent upon your system's metrics (i.e, strike rate, % trades that are break even, average profit ratio etc.), you can simulate 1,000's upon 1,000's of individual random integers. These effectively represent individual trades, and in essence give you an idea of 'what could happen' or what a typical equity curve may look like, so that you have something rigid and robust to play with. One big part is the simulation of the 'random distribution of wins and losses' environment - Monte carlo simulation.

It's not really for optimization directly with the strategy itself. It's more to tell you what your system CAN do in certain environments. Albeit, not ALL environments (market crash, system failure, server crashes, human errors etc.)
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