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Can you make a living trading? Yes

Francis Zendar (Francissignals)
Mar 25 at 19:04
35 posts
People often ask can you make a living trading?

Surely, I'm example of that. Over 15 years experience, own 4 homes, two Estates and Vehicles to support my efforts.

But I dedicated my time fully into trading, I just use my profits to acquire things of choice. Because the joy of trading is when you start making withdrawal of profits and invest in other things.

Although I have worked with firms, but trading private funds and for individual clients gives me better profit earnings.

Trading saved me from the Financial crises in Greece, because I was never a regular worker no more.

Rob (Robert_Halterman)
Mar 26 at 15:45
1 posts
Suradi (FXOday)
Mar 26 at 22:39
470 posts
In all business each people he had their own way in the journey, it still makes sense to make trading for a living, but not all traders can do it, personally, I do not say a successful trader, however, I rely on earning from forex trading business at the moment.
Francis Zendar (Francissignals)
Mar 27 at 06:31
35 posts
Welcome onboard.
Mar 27 at 11:52
125 posts
Oh well, it's cool that you have such results. What's next? A thread for self-praise? And how can I benefit from it? lol.
Francis Zendar (Francissignals)
Mar 27 at 12:20
35 posts
Not selfpraising, you can always copy my trades. About to upload a MAM account with over 9months history any moment.Just busy trading, I love this site.
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