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Collection of Eas for sell

Jul 19 2012 at 22:21
111 posts
Hi Guys i have collected a range of different and expensive Eas. i am ready to sell them if i good offer comes along. cheers .

Some of those EAs are not for sale. To get thos the license are 500£ . I am willing to give the whole package to someone who is really into EAs and can make use of them .

-euro blaster
-10 pips pro
-fap turbo
-forex hacked
-Forex hacked
-Forex Envy inclusive all settings
-forex shocker
-forex quattro
-tasuki EA
and many more secret ones which i cant name here

anybody who is interested let me know.

cheers guys

power forex
Jul 20 2012 at 05:20
6 posts
first show how they perform on real friend. Thank you.

Mansur (mansur)
Jul 20 2012 at 05:20
39 posts
i have all the EA a here..i sell all EA at 100$

Jul 20 2012 at 05:59
111 posts
You can't have all. Some are really good which I can't name.their licence per year cost over 500£

Invest4x (4xInvest)
Jul 26 2012 at 11:20
26 posts
So you are selling EA's with real licenses? Or cracked EA's, because that's a HUGE difference on the value of your 'package' since cracked/outdated/not-working/useless EA's are everywhere my friend.

That's why I dont' sell a profitable EA and I keep it to myself.

But let us know what kind of licenses do you have on those EA's. So that people can make offers.

Account Manager and PAMM manager
Jul 26 2012 at 18:03
111 posts
I see where you comming from. But these EAs will all work. As we developed some of those as well for big investment companies in Europe and the US.

I am listen to any offer but it wont be a buy 1 get one free offer. These ones will make money. Remember Money makes Money in the FX market.

Thank you for your reply

Invest4x (4xInvest)
Jul 26 2012 at 19:46
26 posts
'As we developed some of those as well for big investment companies in Europe and the US.' So you are the creator of fapturbo, wallstreet... or just the 'secret ones'? :\

If you EVER tested some of those EA's on live accounts you will notice that some are complete failures, some can work ok, but not all.

But you haven't answered my question.

Good luck selling those.

Account Manager and PAMM manager
Jul 26 2012 at 19:53
111 posts
just thesecret ones

Aug 01 2012 at 09:02
556 posts
Be careful when buying EA's not from the original creator - it might be a cracked version or modified one. When dealing with real money, better spend a bit more to get the real deal.

Aug 14 2012 at 09:11
1008 posts
Cracked or Licensed. are the same exact EA, They perform identical since the only difference is the licensing code in the EA.

All commercial EA's are hacked and educated after 1 week from initial Public Launch and given away for free. Sometimes, you will see people try to resell the educated version to people that don't know how to find these educated versions on their own. Hence this Forum.

A licensed version will give you access to new vendor updates, if the vendor makes any changes, however these changes are normally insignificant and often an attempt to increase their dll protection from the educating process.


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