I have a question. I've been using few different brokers for Forex trading and everywhere, without a single exception, I lost ENTIRE balance on account. On the latest broker, this happened for three consecutive times. The third time was just yesterday. Everywhere, without a single exception, my balance was gone, entire balance. Absolutely everything I have ever worked for.

I have invested thousands of euros in custom MT4 expert advisors, alert systems and loss-protection tools to avoid losses. However, whatever I try, whatever I do, nothing works. It always happens that trend goes in opposite direction as soon as I open a position (starting from pending Stop), without going to the ''wanted'' direction for at least minimum distance so Trailing order gets activated. Whatever I do, it's always the same. On the charts are massive amount of S/R zones and it's impossible to know which one will trend respect from aspect of trend reversal (retracement). So I have been trying to find a solution in something that comes by far more important than S/R zones and this is of course what's happening behind the chart - fundamental analysis, what's moving the trends regardless if the cause of trend movement is on economic calendar or not. I failed to find and understand those subjects. Besides that, 95%+ of daily up to date online material is just observation what is currently happening on chart or what has happened in the future. That has no relation to what will happen in the near future (e.g. next few hours or at the end of the day). I might be able to find some up to date info about particular currency pair but I don't have the knowledge (skill-set) to know whether or not it impacts the trend movements on charts and on which charts (which currency pairs) if any. Even worse: Whenever I find some info about either a currency or a currency pair (a forex pair), I have no idea if this info means the trend will go up or down.

The brokers don't understand that I'm not a mind reader. I can't know what the future brings. Cannot look into the future. When I ask them for refund of lost money due to trend reversal (retracements), they are keep telling me that margin level dropped below 20% on account. That's nonsense. I always do what is necessary before opening position but it's impossible to know when reversal happens and that's killing me. It's beyond my understanding how they expect me to know when the trend will go to in the next several hours. It's not possible. Whatever I do I always fail.

As the last solution, I was contacting the banks, the foreign exchange departments (FX departments) to ask them if they have any trend verification products from their internal expertise of their relevant team. The answers I got were that they only announce most likely result of trend for months in advance. I have been getting variety of NO-version answers. Don't know how is that possible.

I'm out of idea. It's loss after loss after loss. I have no money to deposit anymore. No income. No job. Nothing. I have lost years of my life trying to solve this and have no way to go.

As the very last hope to survive I came here to ask a question: Is there any Forex consulting firm that you could advice for either education or, even better, some trend verification service prior to opening trading positions? That way I would check if result of my alerts and manual analysis is matching what firm's feedback on verification is, whether they think it's OK or not to open position, and proceed only if they agree with it. Is there any such world-class highly reliable and reputable consulting firm? I would send them name of the symbol and direction I consider to open and they would approve (safe) or decline (not safe) and it would be great if they state a brief reason ''why'' if decline so I can learn something from this. The more I would use this service, the more I would learn.

I'm aware about freelancers on Upwork, Mql4 but I really need proven masters - someone with appropriate knowledge that could help me. Reading the articles and books, reviewing youtube videos, etc. never helped me and never will.

Thank you so much in advance.