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CRAZY Gambling the Chart

Apr 18 2012 at 03:43
77 posts
Is it Trading? Is it Gambling? For me it´s definetily both and will work until bigger trend without nice retracements ......

This is my H/G&M System Test the Kiwi using Pipstep 25 and TF M15........

Crazy, because of Account Killer Grid&Martiangale System (true for 99%) and starting with only a couple of bucks.....
Main Purpose of this was to test how flexible the system is. What I can say now it will withstand trend of around 200pips, more would kill this, at least with this small balance.

Anyway,there is one Follower now for this one. Don´t know who you are but man I hope you put in at least $20 for this Beast and if you have 100% take them out quickly. Re-invest in safer systems or take it for havin some burgers.

I will do the same if account goes up to $40 because of waiting of an bigger trend to see what will happen, how far can I go with the settings. Meantime I re-invest in safer one of course.

So for me 2 things with this are important: how far will this account go within an stronger trend, how much money will I have taken out meantime. This will bring me 2 solutions: start system again with $20 if strong trends are rare or tweak settings a bit.

Apr 18 2012 at 15:19
77 posts
Accounts are not updating.... perhaps have to set them up new again

Apr 19 2012 at 03:39
77 posts
account setup completed

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