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EA exit rules v's entry filters

mbirrell (mbirrell)
Oct 01 2011 at 08:51
22 posts
Hi all,

At the moment (for around 8 months) I am writing an EA like most. What I have found is that I have many times more exit rules that entry filters. Who else here is finding the same thing?
For those who don't know what I am talking about, I am referring to when the EA picks a point and places an order as all the requirements to trade are met (entry filter). An exit rule as you might have guessed is when the EA matches the current market conditions to an exit rule (stop losses do this).
I must say I am not a big fan of stop loss as they don't tune themselves to market conditions and they also setup cascading within the market. I believe that is your EA is well though out and written the use of stop loss is obsolete and detrimental. Saying this though I have worked on a stop loss system that uses moving averages and price points to act as a trailing stop.
Anyway any thoughts people?

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