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Email balances of all accounts once a day?

Sep 18 at 21:28
4 Replies
Member Since Sep 18, 2023   4 posts
Sep 18 at 21:28
Morning all

I'm very new to MyFXBook and I'm wondering if there is a way to email the balance of each account to an email once a day? It would be good if I could specify the time, but if not, it's not a deal breaker. I've tried googling but couldn't find any method that showed me how to do this so I'm curious if it is even possible?


Member Since Aug 18, 2023   1 posts
Sep 19 at 17:40
Your Broker supposed to send you daily reports of your trading activities to your email at the end of every trading days
Member Since Sep 18, 2023   4 posts
Sep 19 at 17:54
So you are saying that myFXbook can’t update itself automatically every 60 min like it says it can? I have to manually go into each account and click update to get the status at that singular point in time? What are the point of notifications then if it never updates to notify? Surely this can auto update!?!
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Member Since Jun 24, 2019   4 posts
Sep 21 at 13:02
I refresh my browser with myfxbook and FX Blue every time I want to see the most recent data.
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Member Since Sep 18, 2023   4 posts
Sep 21 at 22:21
MyFXBook support have advised me that MT5 auto update only updates maybe once every day depending on server load. That is why it wasn't working every hour like I thought it was supposed to be. The only way to make it update regularly is to use the EA option BUT you have to have your computer on and running it 24/7 so that isn't viable for me. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like this product will meet my needs due to the very infrequent updates. 😭
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