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The fear of losing opportunity

May 05 at 04:42
38 posts
Every trader has this FOMO when it comes to grabbing potential trading opportunities. Imo, this should not be a problem. Forex is a highly volatile and highly liquid market, which means it is no scarcity of opportunities.
May 05 at 05:28
42 posts
I have seen newbies open positions in nearly every trade they come across. I don’t understand why they feel that they will miss their bus if they don’t open a trade now. They need to follow their plan and not trade until they can stick to it.
May 24 at 06:54
46 posts
Fear of losing money is a shared emotion among traders. If not controlled, this could cause problems in your trading.To control it, traders should devise a plan and trading rules that can help them build confidence. It usually begins with starting trading with small trades.
May 26 at 07:35
24 posts
The fear of losing opportunity is true in most cases. Nearly all new traders think that if they don’t open a trading position now, they will lose an important trading position.
May 31 at 10:36
16 posts
That’s a very common fear of all the traders, especially the newbies. To remove the fear of losing opportunity, risk only the amount as per your risk appetite. Fear is such an emotion that is like a poison for your trades and you need to control it if you want to earn profits. Most of the beginners think that they will lose the opportunity and can’t win the trades and then they open the trade and hence face losses.
Seb King (sebking1986)
May 31 at 13:33
448 posts
Takes a while to realise the market is littered with opportunity. Have rules in place to try and take advantage of the high probability ones as deemed by your strategy
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Jun 01 at 00:26
38 posts
Take some time to realize the movement of the market and then enter and exit at the right time.
Jun 01 at 11:34
20 posts
after having more time there is no way to predict the real faction of this market with certainly. this is really unpredictable market.
Jun 01 at 12:58
9 posts
it can be unpredictable but surely it is sometimes predictable. Some people must make money
Suradi (FXOday)
Jun 01 at 23:47
326 posts
Fear of missing out is a common problem emotions many trader, they tempted by price movement and want to catch the price when knife flying, this is not good idea and often proven will fail eventually, but how to overcome these mistake trader need to keep discipline trading, rules and apply risk management
Jun 02 at 09:43
19 posts
It is entirely common to have this fear. Emotions should be kept under control while trading, that is for sure. So, try to keep your emotion of fear also under control and do not let it take it over. Educate yourself enough about risk management strategies and try to implement them in your trades to minimize losses.
Jun 06 at 11:12
16 posts
Most traders don’t make losses because they don’t execute trades. But they lose money because they open too many trading positions. They need to know that doing anything beyond their trading plan can be harmful for their careers.
Jun 06 at 11:18
7 posts
Pendular posted:
Most traders don’t make losses because they don’t execute trades. But they lose money because they open too many trading positions. They need to know that doing anything beyond their trading plan can be harmful for their careers.
Good point well made
Jun 06 at 12:53
24 posts
To reach one's full potential in life, one must learn to face and conquer one's fears. The ability to keep your emotions in check is the most valuable asset you can have as you embark on your trading career. Controlling your emotions is the key to success in any endeavour. A lack of this ability will hinder your ability to make sound business decisions.
Jun 08 at 11:14
25 posts
While the risk factors continue to strain the mindset of traders frequently, the fear of losing out on opportunities rests. It has become a common rising fear in newbies, too. Restlessness leads to impulsive decision making skills and increase in obtaining loss. To pick the right opportunity, traders must be alert and stay updated with the news and events in the marketplace. They should know when to enter a trade or exit.
Jun 10 at 06:35
16 posts
For most new traders, it is a difficult task to filter out trades. They fail at understanding all the market fluctuations and expect to make money from each one of them. And when they don’t open a trading position, they get a feeling that they have missed an important trade.
Jun 10 at 09:31
23 posts
Being fearful is okay in forex trading. But fearing useless things can pose a great risk. You have heard right that you have a chance of making money when the market moves. But not every market move is worth taking the risk with. You better learn to filter out trading opportunities.
Jun 15 at 06:05
16 posts
I think it is important to remember that the forex market will always be there and so will be the opportunities. Just stick to your strategy and trading plan. Deviating from your actual strategy just because a trade looks good, don’t guarantee profits. So be patient and take up trades that align with your plan.
Jun 15 at 12:21
147 posts
any kind of trading strategy can be useless if there is no powerful money management. so traders should develop money management first of all.
Jun 17 at 11:53
23 posts
This happens a lot with beginners who are too curious to make money that they don’t even research about a trade. All they want to do is execute trades, regardless of whether they understand them or not. This is where a big risk lies and not many traders are able to make money as they expected.
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