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fixed spread brokers

Jun 11 at 17:33
3 Replies
Member Since Mar 16, 2023   28 posts
Jun 11 at 17:33
I was wondering if it was actually a good idea to use fixed spread brokers because I work for one.
and questioned me, 'Which do you guys here prefer?'
Member Since Aug 19, 2021   203 posts
Jun 13 at 13:27
Oh for me, a fixed spread is something out of fantasy. I know none fixed spread broker. You only lose on the spread. You can save money on a floating spread. Especially if you trade on popular pairs. Lol.
Member Since Apr 26, 2023   25 posts
Jun 14 at 17:12
The choice between fixed or variable spread brokers depends on individual trading strategies, preferences, and market conditions. Some traders may prefer fixed spreads for their predictability, while others may prefer variable spreads for potential cost savings
Member Since Sep 02, 2022   36 posts
Jun 15 at 10:18
I'm certainly not an expert in trading. But it seems to me that a fixed spread is better than a floating one. In any case, you know how much you will pay for it, and it's easier that way.
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