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Forex 101 - Todays Weakness on the AUD and Strength on the JPY.

BenNathanFX (BenNathanFX)
Jul 28 2015 at 11:59
137 posts
Hey Traders!

Many will have noticed the AUD and JPY price action by now, so I wanted to share a pattern free way to understand it.

I have posted a video tutorial to show you how I utilise something I like to call 'Fundamental Flow' to understand and anticipate the markets on a daily basis.

The beauty of this is that it help you to understand what is happening in the markets and more importantly WHY, without even having to look at a chart.

In the video I go through the AUD and the JPY to highlight the points made.

HOLY GRAIL: Fundamental Analysis to chose your pairs/direction, Technical Entry/SL/TP for consistent Management of those decisions
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