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Free Knowledge

Anonymous (AspiringTraders)
Sep 16 2020 at 16:03
24 posts
I will be helping traders as much as I can, a lot of gurus charge money to have you trade like them and really trading is taking a strategy and making it your own. The first thing that should be taught is risk management because as a trader you are equity managers first. I will make an instagram soon to give free knowledge because I do not need your money and you will always be paying the market so that's enough stress. I am currently developing my portfolio to prove my legitimacy and have transparency. The only thing hidden is my identity to give out free knowledge. Have a blessed one everyone and remember, have a care-free mindset when trading.
you only produce results
Sep 17 2020 at 00:59
788 posts
This is a very good move. Many traders in the Forex market cannot find good mentors. Due to which they have a lot of problems in learning to trade. I think if some traders like you cooperate in learning to trade, then Forex trading will go further.
Sep 17 2020 at 04:20
298 posts
Yes you are right. First a trader should be taught risk management and psychological aspect of mind. They should know how our mind works when we trade on a live trade. They should learn how to control emotions before going into live trading.
Anonymous (AspiringTraders)
Sep 17 2020 at 04:38
24 posts
@Michihito 100% brother
you only produce results
Sep 17 2020 at 08:50
232 posts
Without knowledge it is quite impossible to make money from this market. You can gather all knowledge about trading from a demo account. It will help you to learn all the basics of forex perfectly.
Sep 17 2020 at 11:49
751 posts
Thanks for your initiative. Hope you will keep your integrity. Newbie also should know that it takes time to get skills. It doesn't happen with a few months study. You can't get profit just by learning how to use some indicators. It takes years to be skilled.
Anonymous (AspiringTraders)
Sep 17 2020 at 18:57
24 posts
@AliaDare Yes exactly, just want to help Aspiring Traders
you only produce results
Anonymous (AspiringTraders)
Sep 17 2020 at 18:57
24 posts
@EbonyJones action is the first step
you only produce results
Anonymous (AspiringTraders)
Sep 17 2020 at 18:58
24 posts
@UweMoench Thanks for responding and very nice input
you only produce results
Sep 18 2020 at 01:06
231 posts
It is a great step to provide some good knowledge in free to new traders because without knowledge it is impossible to survive in Forex. So Learning is better step in Forex to get good results in forex trading.
Anonymous (AspiringTraders)
Sep 18 2020 at 06:33
24 posts
@Dictiony exactly and trading is very tough with no guidance. baby pips is not enough
you only produce results
Sep 18 2020 at 19:27
318 posts
Gathering knowledge of forex is very important if you want to make your career in this platform.
Sep 19 2020 at 07:57
886 posts
demo is a place to prove yourself how can you handle trading strategies you have , so, don't ignore the demo , you suggest 3-4 months to stay in here , its a long time for beginners level to keep patience in here, that's why i prefer minimum 1 months for that.
Sep 21 2020 at 04:37
854 posts
Try to gain basic knowledge of forex trading. Then start trading in demo account to test trading skill and platform. New trader should not start invest money first without trying demo account.
Sep 21 2020 at 05:54
741 posts
knowledge we can gather by own learning , its always expensive. its an asset.
Nov 24 2020 at 19:58
341 posts
To become a successful trader in the market, you need proper knowledge and skills. You can no survive in this market if you don't have the basic knowledge.
Nov 25 2020 at 06:18
54 posts
knowledge is very important to learn about the forex.
Nov 25 2020 at 06:46
27 posts
Everything begins with knowledge and ends at it as per my belief.
Oct 16 2021 at 19:54
567 posts
GeorgeBischof posted:
Gathering knowledge of forex is very important if you want to make your career in this platform.
Yes. You can practice on a demo account to learn all the basics of forex.
Oct 17 2021 at 09:20
939 posts
Nowadays, gaining knowledge in this industry is not as difficult as it used to be. There are quite a few different lessons, cases, and other things. The main thing is the desire to acquire this knowledge.
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