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Fundamental stuff

May 30 at 07:44
330 posts
LyudmilLukanov posted:
Fundamental is as important as technical analysis. But traders often neglect this one.

Yes. Both are important to make money from this makret.

May 31 at 12:22
589 posts
Fundamental analysis is important but not 100% required. It needs a lot of study to understand fundamental of a currency. If you are very good at technical analysis, you do not need fundamental much.

May 31 at 16:43
632 posts
I trade with technical analysis. But I try to trade by following the fundamental news. If combine the two things, the profit percentage is much better.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jun 01 at 06:44
187 posts
Yes, fundamental analysis is also important for trading. You can not make sure that only with technical analysis you will make profit, as if there is any event release the market becomes much volatile and your technical analysis won’t work at that time.

Jun 01 at 09:25
13 posts
I prefer using a combination of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. On the fundamental front, I give a lot of importance to economic data of G7 nations and China and when it comes to identifying trends and making entry/exit decisions, Technical Analysis is the tool that I refer to.

Jun 02 at 09:45
67 posts
I think, we should see both factors fundamentals and technical if you are swing trader.

Aug 06 at 06:13
90 posts
Those who know how to combine 2 two always have more advantages and a greater likelihood of a good income

Sep 11 at 16:23
283 posts
all the initial and fundamental things must be learned, so to speak, you need to learn the basics in your work

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