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FXSalt Review

WhyLose (WhyLose)
Apr 15 2010 at 20:30
102 posts
Please take a look at

That is the FXSalt Broker Review at MFB.

FYI my first post there is below. I have made many more comments. IMO, apart from Steve, every other person posting in that thread has a financial connection with FXSalt. Other independent member's comments are welcome. Positive and negative.

Make of it what you will but they are not listed with the UK FSA. Even if they are registered with the German FSA equivalent they would have a passport licensing them in the UK.

An example of Alpari UK's listing and what I expected to find for Fxsalt UK is below:-

A search of Google maps in the leafy suburbs of Sunbury doesn't help either - And as for Google Streetview, well, that backs up my impression that their UK address is a residential address. You can see their UK 'Head Office' at

So, would I do business with them? No. But if somebody who represents the company wants to comment further here it may help to enlighten others.

If no comment is made from the company then I'll draw the FSA's attention to this matter in due course. If I've made a mistake then I apologise unreservedly. I am only stating the facts based on my very limited quick reseach for the benefit of others.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.
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