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Harmonics: Did you know there are several ways to use harmonics?

Aaron Countee (FaintToasted)
May 16 at 06:54
49 posts
I have mastered the art of harmonic trading patterns, so much so that I have not yet had one losing week since October 2021. I use harmonics to:

1) Identify the actual market structure.
2) Find future price targets (97% accurate)
3) Find how solid or weak a trend truly is in each time frame.
4) Catch breakouts that trend for 100s of pips.
5) Draw and predict future price action path (70%-90% accuracy)

I do this all the time and I document it for the skeptics on video of course. 😉

Any questions about how to do this simple technical trade strategy just ask I will respond below.


*I kill pips for fun.*
May 16 at 14:37
9 posts
WHY do harmonics work?
Aaron Countee (FaintToasted)
May 16 at 19:32
49 posts
Harmonics are based on the Elliott Wave Theory and they are patterns that develop based on reversal zones that sum up into a final potential reversal zone called point D. Point 'D' is the expectation of a reversal and entry point. The margin of error is given as +-5%. This is what gives you stop loss limits. . The take profits areas are based on the Fibonacci numbers .236, .382, and .618 These would take profits 1,2, and 3 respectively.

Once you have mastered the basic of how to use this to trade then you are ready for the next level for what I teach.
*I kill pips for fun.*
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