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Magiic (Magiic)
Jul 05 2016 at 14:40
435 posts
So, Hbgl is content on having a go at others worthy or not is very debatable, but why block people if they are simply saying things, especially if it's not in direct contradiction to hbgll? If anyone wants to come on to a thread I have and critique it, but all means you're welcome, anything I've posted is completely transparent, it's either already been said or understood, or I could learn. I don't get why you would block anyone unless they are COMPLETELY trolling you, which no one has that I've seen... It's all been relative to the point of discussion.

Stop blocking hbgll, no one has said anything that should ruin your reputation, unless you are just full of **** if you're not, then chill out and let the results speak for themselves, don't sensor everything.

Again, my thoughts only. But I would also like to hear a response as to why the above shouldn't be true.?


Spelt the title wrong, apologies if it's offensive HBGL*

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