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How disable the button copy button when i share my audit account link

May 15 at 13:36
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May 15 at 13:36
that is How disable the button copy button when i share my audit account link, when i share my account audit private link, it show me a copy button, that i dont want, because i dont want to share my trading signals, only i need to show the audit account without the copy button, there is a way to do this?
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May 15 at 22:14
Same question
Myfxbook (Staff)
Member Since Jul 31, 2009   1431 posts
May 16 at 04:29
Hello Fernando4forT and DeanteSection,

Once you make your system public, the copy button cannot be hidden. Do note that this does not automatically offer your account as a signal to be copied, when other users will press the 'Copy' button, you will simply receive an invitation to add your account to - a trade copying service we offer.
If you do not add the account to the service, no one will be able to copy your trades.

Alternatively, you can set your account to private and create a private invitation link that will allow only users with access to the invitation link to be able to view the account.
To do so, Go to your account's settings:
Expand the portfolio containing your account and click the 'Edit' button near the account.
Expand the 'Permissions' tab and set your account back to private.
Navigate to the 'Invitations' tab on the same screen and the select the account you wish to create the link for.

For additional information/questions please contact us via the internal messaging tool, the 'Contact Us' form: or via mail: [email protected]

Myfxbook Support.
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