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How to add partial history

eliteeservices (eliteeservices)
Jul 15 2010 at 23:49
33 posts
Is there a way to only update certain history, let's say you start trading a different system on a certain day, without showing all history? Because some traders have accounts for a long time (maybe years) and will change their systems from time to time..

Jul 16 2010 at 02:08
423 posts
I think it is not possible. myfxbook will retrieve everything from your broker server.

ForexSeeker (ForexSeeker)
Jul 16 2010 at 02:10
814 posts
Is not logic to add partial history, as it will not able to give you verify Privilege system.

The solution is use custom analyse where you select the start date and put a Red pin on it.

The system will calculate your performance from that date onwards.

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eliteeservices (eliteeservices)
Jul 21 2010 at 22:37
33 posts
how do you use custom analyze?

ForexSeeker (ForexSeeker)
Jul 22 2010 at 03:53
814 posts
paulng (paulng)
Aug 14 2010 at 08:48
43 posts
Thanks, this thread is most helpful. I was wondering why my account has been processing for days. I'm a newbie here 😄

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