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How binary options brokers lure clients

tradfred (tradfred)
Dec 12 2016 at 15:57
36 posts
Noorx posted:
Can't people have enough already? Isn't Forex the best we can have over the internet?

It is likely that they still attract naive people hoping to have excellent results with little or no sacrifice. It's definitely not an option when it comes to earning money! Honestly, I doubt that at some point this is monitored, and it is unfortunate

jackell78 (jackell78)
Dec 13 2016 at 13:52
45 posts
@tradfred Good points, you definitely need to risk and work hard to earn money over long term. What's also interesting for me is how with all this buzz around the binary options scam, there are still people who are naïve about them. I guess still not enough media coverage on the topic...
@trill12 I also agree here when you say about the scam development.

GFernandez78 (GFernandez78)
Dec 14 2016 at 07:14
35 posts
It's quite crazy about these binary options. I hope one day we will have a cure against this virus!

Trading is like football - if you don't practice you can't win the game!
tradfred (tradfred)
Dec 14 2016 at 15:00
36 posts
@jackell78 Binary options exist because of course there are still people who are willing to fall there.
@GFernandez78 And not my friend, I think it's an incurable virus

Dec 14 2016 at 15:02
8 posts
@trill12 advertisement all like that, not matter is legit or scam, so ppl sure misunderstood.
@jackell78 I remember when i know binary option is on fb advertisement lol...then know scam binary option software
i got friend play option but he big loss at last on margin call, it reminded me, better i cash in some $ to play forex then option lol..

Enjoy your Profit and Loss
Dec 16 2016 at 08:44
12 posts
Stay far far away from binaries, just my useful advice...

Bohdan73 (Bohdan73)
Dec 18 2016 at 08:01
51 posts
Guys, I think even ads should have some limits and regulation 😄 Like with the bans to advertise cigarettes and alcohol in some countries. Maybe governments should impose bans on binary ads as well one day! 😄

Trade with determination!
Dec 19 2016 at 11:51
1487 posts
Another example why you should be exceedingly cautious while picking a new Forex, let alone a new Binary Options broker: CySEC recently issued a huge list of 100 unregulated Binary Options and Forex brokers ( This market is full fraudsters, pick your broker very carefully.

martinkolbe (martinkolbe)
Dec 20 2016 at 10:11
35 posts
I think there will always be hazardous people who like to go to casinos, play roulette etc. This is like narcotic for them and it is a real addiction, like the one for alcohol or other drugs. I believe that binary options scammers will always find such people addicted to hazard. But regulation and prevention is also important.

tradfred (tradfred)
Dec 20 2016 at 12:58
36 posts
It is the law of prey and predator. Both will exist, both are morbidly necessary.

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