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Indicators are reliable but

Apr 04 at 12:13
326 posts
Indicators are helpful if we can use it properly. People are so impatient that before the indicators showing signal they open trade. It is not a good thing to do while using indicators.

Apr 05 at 05:21
36 posts
Any tool that we use for trading, including indicators, has its own meaning and effect if we know how to use them.

ele020 (ele020)
Apr 05 at 05:55
144 posts
Michihito posted:
Indicators are reliable. But the most important thing is how much you know about the indicators. More or less every indicator works. Everything depends on your skills and knowledge. The best indicator is the indicators that work for you. That's why learning trading needs time. You need to do a lot of experiment to find the suitable one for you.

Correct, using indicators without knowing how they actually work and what their functions is just like performing a task with all the necessary resources but without knowing the role and working of each resource.

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Sarjohn (Sarjohn)
Apr 05 at 07:17
105 posts
Yes indicators are reliable, first you need to know about all the indicators you want to use, you can combine 2-3 indicators according to your strategy.

perryjohn765 (perryjohn765)
Apr 06 at 06:55
149 posts
They can be reliable but first you need to know does it have what you require?

Apr 07 at 15:43
14 posts
It is helpful to traders that have the patient to open trades when the indicator shows the signal.

Apr 07 at 16:17
349 posts
The signal of the indicator is reliable but very slow. This is why trading signals are available after losing a lot of moves.

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