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Sep 13 2015 at 05:54
3 posts
I'm following Johnpaul since it came back to Autotrade. It made 123usd relized profit and -171usd unrealised profit so far. We will see what will happen in the future.

I was also following Prestige trader before it left the Autotrade it made a lot of profit for me.

I am also following Special which made a good profit with low drawdown.

Ranking is not everything.
Nov 08 2015 at 07:40
43 posts
A big loss for the actual Autotrade Rank Leader. What happened? Is it normal for them to lose more than 1600 pips in 3 trades? And a loss of more than 30% in 1 month? I am asking those of you that are expert in following systems in autotrade (as I am not ;) )
Nov 09 2015 at 07:13
65 posts
this is not the first time johnpaul77 do this, last year he was also in autotrde and he did the same.
if you see his broker ...... you will know why I don't trust this person.
some scam broker , can offer fake account statement.
Nov 09 2015 at 13:20
43 posts
I see, but right now that loss is present on his account and on those of others who used him as autotrade provider. So Scam broker or not, the actual performance is real (I am not talking about the past one as that could be built by a scam broker). We will see if the past performance is fake just following it in the future. Thanks to myfxbook we can check it out.
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