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Length of Sysytem Testing before going live?

Sep 19 2014 at 13:25
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I've been dabbling with a new strategy to me where I don't stay up all night anymore and watch the charts. Been testing it continuously in a demo since November 12, 2013. I've opened and closed over 2200 trades so far. Would be interested in some feedback. I know a demo isn't the real thing but the results are still good, I feel, even for a demo. I know I hear people talking about how they can take 10K to a a demo, but honestly, i've never even seen that. I'm nowhere near 10K to 1 million but definitely on track to possibly do it within a year. Currently at about 700K from 10K since November 12, 2013. The pdf is huge so I don't know if there's a better way to post all the results. Looking forward to getting your feedback, but from experienced traders only, no BS'ers please. I'll just post September results and summary totals in a pdf. Thanks

Just noticed -- It's just showing the summary from September 2014. I'll have to do the summary for the whole thing separately and post it later.


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