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Lets talk trading

Mar 13 2015 at 11:45
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Hello all,

In a way I would like to discuss trading in a meaningful way here on this topic. People can ask questions, post comments, answer questions.

However, I want to be blunt here. If a system or strategy is posted here, it will be scrutinized, examined and either agreed upon or put in the proverbial waste bin where it may belong. You have been warned. Don't post your 'holy grail' systems here.

I for one will be looking over all these questions/systems/strategies and will lay it clearly and concisely if it will work. Again, you have been warned.

Ultimately, if your system/strategy is not posted in or has a good rating on, your system may as well be another run of the mill scam in my mind.

So lets talk. I hope that I can help those that are interested in trading professionally in this thread.

Best Regards,

whicked - Curt

I do not follow the path of others, I create my own path and leave a trail behind me
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