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liquidity providers + tighter spreads

Apr 05 2014 at 20:34
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if you had a family fund and have just established a line of credit from a prime broker - your going to ditch retail - and wanted to run you own server colocated and have settings where you are not marking up the spread.

And it is a private server - so your not doing admin for other peoples trades.
Possibly MT4Server and a liquidity bridge.

And if you do enough volume to get a good liquidity provider and a good liquidity plan (I assume you buy into these things) ... i.e. dukascopy as primary and Integral and secondary. Or FXALL and Bloomberg etc etc .

And you aim to get tight spreads ....... what is a good point to begin / look .

The reason i ask is - when i looked at bigger players a while back - like Hotspot - I was surprised to find that bigger players - perhaps even Deutches Bank - dont necessarily mean tighter spreads. It will mean more liquidity and faster orders but not necessarily tighter spreads.


Apr 06 2014 at 06:53
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never mind
think i found it

in e-forex mag there are many adverts
technology providers
liquidity providers
mt4 bridges

I suppose this one looked interesting to me was

but looks interesting
and even whitelabel from a bigger broker like Duakscopy looks interesting
And i now remember came up on the radar

If you were a broker - there are so many choices - and probably all are good.


Apr 06 2014 at 11:12
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this is my point - the industry technology is changing - the banks domination is moving to 3rd party SEF - and technology providers are becoming more numerous.

I think FXOpen was a reseller of dukascopy at one stage - I would be interested to find out if they upgraded that and went it alone.

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