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Making users / clients comfy.. new fee structure idea?

Aug 15 2013 at 06:44
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I am considering entering either into managing capital or providing strategies through myfxbook for forex and other services for stocks.

The two worlds are very different on a number of fronts. One that seems to align, is that capital is prey to cons and scams. It impacts hedge funds, private managers, signal providers and so on.

So my idea (should I go into this business) is to explain my view on how capital has been taken advantage of and that in my opinion very few think of the clients first. That to make a difference in this world of fraud, scams and cons, I propose to empower capital unlike it has never been before. To take the risk I am capable of by saying to capital, It is fair for me to earn between a 1 to 5% management fee and a 20 to 50% performance fee. Having said that, I will leave to you to determine what fees if any I should be paid, in the form of a donation. Of course there will be those that might try to take advantage of my good intentions, but someone has to try and do the right thing. Someone has to have some faith in capital, they way capital has been forced to have faith in the mangers, systems and so on. It will force managers to keep the edge and remain sharp. SO many of the large funds make 100's of millions even while losing. The desire is gone because their belly is full and worst case this year will make another 100 million for nothing. It is time for capital to have options to that model. If the world has become a place where such an offering would not allow me to make a decent living, then I can close up shop and just trade for myself.

What do you think?

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Alpha Dolcy
Sep 15 2013 at 22:34
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It is not easy coming up in this ocean of sharks but I think that once you can build up trust with clients overtime and deliver on good returns you will be in the business. Good fund managers are scarce & highly sought after...........Some clients would most likely keep it a secret.......Private fund managers are on the rise as compared to the traditional hedge fund and mutual funds managers with more attractive fee structures with alot less restrictions.......and believe me in this high competitive industry investors are on the lookout for the rising stars in alternative sectors.

dxnation (dxnation)
Oct 03 2013 at 10:53
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There are 2 sets of customers that would be talking with.

1. Individual Investors
2. Institutional Investors

Depending on what type of clients you are dealing with you can come up with a Pricing structure.

I have high risk / high reward ratio for my individual customers and offer them transparency of accounts.
For E.G. link to my website and account performance

For Institutional Investors you would need to do some real good documentation and legal paperwork and have everything that you do written down in black and white.

The management and performance fees that you suggested are about right.

Good luck for your business.


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