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Marginal trade

Oct 05 at 08:46
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📊💸Margin trade

 Margin trading is the execution of transactions on the exchange using leverage. It represents the conclusion of transactions using borrowed funds issued against the security of a certain amount-margin

 📌The leverage itself ('leverage') is a service from a broker, which is a loan provided to a trader to conclude a transaction. The size of the loan can exceed the amount of the trader's deposit several times, allowing him to conclude transactions that he would not be able to do with his own funds alone.

 For many traders who do not have significant equity of their own, leverage is a way to feel more comfortable in the market. Leverage gives:

 ▪️Access to large deals and the ability to make good profits
 ▪️Opportunity to increase your own deposit several times in a short time
 ▪️The right to place bets that exceed financial capabilities

 Despite the significant advantages, margin trading has its own pitfalls that can turn opportunities into disadvantages:

 ▪️B in the case of unprofitable transactions, the losses will be very heavy, high potential returns are directly proportional to the same high risks
 ▪️ Perceiving a loan as real money, a trader does not learn to manage capital
 ▪️Whatever the transaction is wrapped around - in any case, this broker's shoulder should be restored

 📍Leverage is a good financial tool for those who have already learned how to manage capital and have a low percentage of unprofitable transactions, but remember that in the hands of an inexperienced trader, it can lead to a complete loss of their own funds

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