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Max Scalp EA ***** SCAMM *****

Feb 07 2016 at 07:26
724 posts
**** ya it is a scam, and Im blocked already from the discussion on the page. BAHAHA
Feb 08 2016 at 08:11
395 posts
Doug Price - at it again.

He has easy website template : insert happy music here

He has connection at broker: delete that bad trade for me there

he's had good systems with happy customers through his career ( actual person is William Morrison because doug price is alias ) and packs an aggressive sale with affiliates earning 50%+ willing to do anything to make those sales.
May 18 2016 at 06:36
2 posts
No -thanks- I`m not a happy customer! I bought the Vortex Trader software from Doug Price - high in price almost 800 $ Started with the EA in July 2015. Till 2015.10.13 I lost 2.209,70 $. Then the Vortex Trader could not more work in the current state of the market. Great!
Doug Price strongly recommended to take the Max Scalper. But he is still more expensive than the Vortex Trader and I didn`t know if there is a sales discount and wouldn`t stumble in the next disaster.
I watched Max Scalper on myfxbook and saw he traded with 7 Lots and more in market. Yes I know - it is a scalper - but to much is to much! In Moment the EA takes 5.90 Lots and the Custom Analyse says for the last 3M Start: 02/18/2016 End: 05/18/2016 -14.13 % loss.
I paid dearly! The winner is only Doug Price!

Ganapati FX (rey_shooter)
May 18 2016 at 13:09
17 posts
Doug Price? that name sound so popular :D. how about REV Traded? scam also?
Candles always right
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