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MetaTrader4 (MT4) vs MetaTrader5 (MT5) for beginners

Apr 14 at 09:08
107 posts
It is quite better for the beginner to start with MT4, but I suppose they can start learning MT5 and not face any issues in that. So that I will have to say depends on your preferences when it comes to trading. I did start with MT4 and made my way to MT5.
Apr 20 at 06:26
52 posts
Meta trader 4 and Meta trader 5 are two widely used platforms but mt4 is simple to understand. On the other hand mt5 is hard to understand. But those who are expert about mt5, it is easy to them. So, it it’s a big deal whatever your platform type is, but the fact is that how much you know.
Apr 27 at 06:48
31 posts
MT4 is best for beginners as it is easy to use. On other hand, MT5 is a better-advanced trading platform with robust analysis with 21-time frames and a depth market analysis with 38 built-in indicators.
Apr 28 at 10:20
26 posts
Both MT4 and MT5 offer excellent user interfaces but imo, MT4 comparatively is simpler and easier to use.
Apr 29 at 11:28
24 posts
MT4 is the greatest option for a newcomer because it is simple to understand and trade on. MT5 on the other hand, would be a little more technical for newcomers. However, with enough time and practice, switching to MT 5 will be a breeze.

May 03 at 07:57
32 posts
So the general difference between the two is that MT4 was created to trade Forex, while MT5 was created to make trading non-Forex CFDs easier. They are programmed in distinct languages, and MT5 enables faster backtesting than MT4. Unlike MT4, MT5 has a DOM (depth of market) feature and is theoretically supported by MetaQuotes.

May 04 at 11:14
288 posts
MT4 is fairly enough for every trader needs.
Jun 07 at 07:12
33 posts
For beginners, the MT4 is a better choice when compared to the MT5 in my opinion, because the MT4 is a simple tool to understand and easy to use when trading mostly with currency pairs.

The MT5 is also good because it is an advanced platform that is capable of trading both currency and stock trading, but the tools and user interface are a bit more complicated than the MT4.
Jun 16 at 11:40
13 posts
IMO, both the platforms are good for trading in forex.. I personally find MT4 more suitable for the newbie as it is more simple and easy to understand , whereas MT5 is somewhat technical. But once the newbies get to trade in Mt4 then trading in Mt5 would not be that difficult.
Jun 18 at 10:03
31 posts
I used MT4 when I initially started trading and subsequently switched to MT5. You are free to select any of them. Despite the fact that MT5 is more advanced and comes with better features, MT4 is still the most popular trading platform for Forex and CFDs.
Jun 19 at 09:52
6 posts
Jun 20 at 00:40
38 posts
Both MT4 and MT5 feature a simple interface, with a few exceptions: MT4 is a lot simpler and easy to use. It enables traders to tailor the platform's interface to their own trading demands and objectives. MT5 is more complicated since it includes more trading capabilities and marketplaces.
Jun 20 at 10:28
24 posts
I recommend trading with the MT4 for beginners because the MT4 platform is simpler and more user-friendly compared to the MT5 in my opinion.

I trade with FP markets' MT4 platform to track my traders even when I'm on the move without any major issues.
Jan (JanJj)
Jun 20 at 12:23
6 posts
I don't like MT5. For me it's not convenient. I like more MT4.
Jun 20 at 15:17
9 posts
MT5 is better if you are beginner. Only use MT4 if you want to use pre built fx robots
Jun 30 at 09:16
50 posts
I suggest the MT4 for beginners during their initial stage to understand its functions and then move to the MT5 because the MT5 is an advanced version of the MT4, which can be difficult to understand without previous knowledge of its platform.
Jul 08 at 11:48
37 posts
Even though the MT5 is an advanced version of the MT4, I suggest beginners use the MT4 because it is comparatively simpler and easier to use, whereas the MT5 is more complex as it consists of more trading features and markets.
Freddy Taylor (Freddy4Taylor)
Jul 11 at 00:12
21 posts
MT4 is much nicer to me, I can't understand why people switch to MT5.
No job too big. No job too small.
Jul 14 at 13:56
25 posts
In my opinion, the MT4 is best suited for beginners since it is easier to understand and you can customise it based on your trading preferences.

Whereas the MT5 is an advanced version of the MT4 which is a bit more complicated for beginners to understand but it allows faster back testing than MT4.
Jul 19 at 12:14
8 posts
MauMar posted:
Is the MetaTrader4 (MT4) or the MetaTrader5 (MT5) the better trading platform for a new trader? I am looking for the most user-friendly trading platform that a beginner will find easy to use.
I have used both MT4 and MT5. Even though MT5 has some upgrades I can say that MT4 is far better. Mailbox usage is more easy. Market signals can be shown more fastly. Lastly, I have more experience on trading MT4 background, so it is more easy for me to trade on it.
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