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Mostly free. 2 EA's. Beta testing members needed. Wanna tinker and back test?

Jan 28 2012 at 21:42
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I have designed and paid for these custom built 2 EAs, they are new and I could use some help in testing. These are EA's that have cost me a bit of money to build and to update. One is my PF53-Martingale and has all kinds of bells and toys for filters. Be aware of the martingale rules before using it.

The 2nd one is my custom spike EA called 'SpikeP53' Its like a bulldog named Spike. Both need optimization for best settings. It 'Spike' opens a trade based on the number of pips you set based on the previous candle close. I can send raw code for you to compile once I know you have spent some time with the compiled version( if ever needed). Back test and optimize for a week and then extend your back testing for ease of use. No DLL's,. easy to use and very easy to back test. Any and all brokers work. Both are set to auto hedge ( to make a backup profit no matter what direction the trade goes and a broker that allows you to trade both directions at once on a single trade is preferred. A USA broker will not allow the hedging feature, but, you can turn that setting off and still use the usa client broker if needed. Just drop the EA into your EXPERT file like normal and then reload your brokers platform. This is built for the MT4 platform only. If you come accross a setting that works, save it in your set file so you can come back to it later.

I prefer not to spend alot of my time off helping 1000's of newbies figuring out how to optimize a EA. So if you have a little experience back testing then ask me for it. But I dont mind a little chat from time to time assisting. Most likely I will put them both together and send you a zip file to open. I love my P53-Martingale... But martingales are very dangerous if the pockets arent deep enought. Always start the P53 at 0.01 lots and disable the MM feature for back trading for best profitable results. Can be used easy on 4 pair. Most PC's and servers get HOT if calculating and live testing 10 pair or more. Theres a lot of math involved with the P53 and my new laptop gets hot processing and updating more than 4 pair, plus the tp and sl might lag if the pc and broker cant keep up with my algorythms. Dont use these EA's on a real live account unless your wanna risk loosing all your money.

Enjoy and report back to me any profit factor ratios over 1.6 if you can back test for a month or longer. Dont use on a real money account unless you risk wanna loosing all your money. If you find profitable settings Please post a live forward chart so I can see it and share it with others.

Your now part of my beta testing group. If you find one of the EA's is profitable, then a paypal donation will be accepted, but its not necessary. Tinker aand optimize. May rich rewards come your way in the forex market.


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Its not rocket science, but it helps.... :)

Today is January 28th, 2012.

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Jan 31 2012 at 06:21
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Spike53, is this fading the spike like MDP? And is this purely based on Candles, or did you throw in any others indi's? If you share the mql version i'll spend some time backtesting and any adjustments I make I'll add as an attachement. If we share the source code from the start, programmers can make little adjustments and the outcome will surely be better than being limited to the external parameter optimization.

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