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my forex rebot does not work at all,and who can help me solve the problem
Mar 08 2013 at 14:21
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hello,i bought forex invest bot from,and I installed it exactly according to the instructions in the manual.When I checked under my platform,there is not smiley face for Forex Invest Bot.It is still gray.

At the beginning ,I installed it under IRXONFX MT4.Later when I run it,I find there is not enough history data,so I changed the platform to Pepperstone MT4.So I deleted Forex Inbest Bot from IRONFX,and install it on Pepperstone MT4.I also change license under Forex Inbest Bot license manager.Seems like it does not work at all .I emailed the suport of Forex Invest Bot,he told me :

'That doesn't mean it's not working please attach it to the EURUSD chart, and then send me screen shot of the chart. It also doesn't activate when market is closed.'

Anybody who can tell me if you have any solution to my problems?please PM me

I can use Teamviewer and chat by skype. I am available from 10pm-10am EST time

thank you so much

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