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MyFxbook Journal

May 13 2020 at 07:17
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Hello Fellow Traders,

I am looking at myfxbook trading journal for my needs. It looks like good journal but I am not able to see feature to support my needs.

Example - I will have to categorize and enter trades on the basis of many criterias. See below:

1. For a trade opportunity, I take three entries with three targets - TP1, TP2 AND TP3. How will I filter such opportunity which hit only one TP, two TPand three TP AND How do I group my trades for three entries I take?
2. How do I upload a photo of mt4 screenshot of trade?
3. How do I enter Fibonacci layout size of my setup?
4. How do I enter info that short term trend was favorable or long term trend was favorable or both?
5. On which timeframe trade was taken?


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