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Myfxbook and Oanda history isn't the same - Which one is correct? Read more:

Jan 22 2015 at 08:40
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I registered on myfxbook last night and I love it! But today, I notice something strange. It seems like my account history isn't the same as it is on my forex broker (Oanda). I'm using Oandas own platform which is great, but as I said.. the history isn't right at all. Take a look at this photo: ?dl=0

Those are screen-prints of two trades. I did both today. According to Oandas platforms history, I gain around 120 pips on one of them, and around 70 pips on the other. But if you look at myfxbooks history, it says that I gained 1.2 and 0.7 pips. Same goes for the 'gain' (%). It's not the same either. So what's right and what's wrong? How well did I actually do in this 2 trades? As a new trader, I'm super-confused. Help a brother out please!


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