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Jan 22 at 08:13
64 posts
In reality, there are people who think that if they developed a system and it brought in income at the same time, it will continue this way And then, but this is an erroneous opinion, because the system needs to be changed over time to each strategy

Jan 25 at 12:05
38 posts
Nothing is permanent. Not even strategies that we make for our trades. We must change our strategies with the market volatility. There is no such system that automatically adjusts to your trades. You will have to keep yourself updated every minute to book profits.

Jan 26 at 20:43
164 posts
Absolutely. The markets are not constant.

Jan 27 at 03:55
69 posts
Agreed, no system works all the time, nothing will assure you success. Market keeps changing and you should make strategies according to it to fit your trade. It only depends on you how you adapt with your skills and knowledge in the ongoing market trend.

Jan 27 at 12:25
260 posts
I think we should not follow a strategy blindly. A strategy working for one may not working for others due to different trading personality. Everyone has different psychology. In my opinion best option is customize a strategy according to your trading personality.

Feb 08 at 11:24
46 posts
Strongly agreed. I believe no strategy is fully safe in trading.
Strategies may vary with investment amount, trade time, instrument in which amount is invested and buy/ sell decisions made by investors and market conditions.

Feb 15 at 08:40
14 posts
It is very hard to make money by acting in a formulaic way. Each situation must be considered separately.

Feb 23 at 04:09
16 posts
That is right. Not every system will work every time and there is a constant need for modification.

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