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Opinion Wanted!. When to know it's time to ditch an EA !!

Nov 10 2013 at 21:41
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Ok let see where to begin.
 I developed an EA about a year ago, it performed good until june of this year. funny story, it started to go sour kinda right after i decided to take it for a real spin, yeah you got the picture right?. lucky me, down 15% since
 here a brief description of my EA. will not disclose detail yet, still have some hopes, maybe a tweak here and there and who knows.
 it a not martingale or extreme scalping, governed at 15:1 top leverage. never got you use that much yet. 6:1 average. dynamic stops and takes preset at 30 pips average and trades around the clock 24/5 with no breaks in between days or weeks.

 so I will upload charts and let's take it from there. I will appreciate any opinion. let's share some thoughts guys.
Note: Charts from historical data and Virtual output. but I traded semi-robot the last 4 month and got similar result. my 4 last real month and the last 4 month shown in chart are pretty close.

 thx in advance.



Nov 12 2013 at 10:59
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Nov 18 2013 at 11:15
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Just set the loss limit! If the EA crosses it - turn it off and try to analyze what had happened. Maybe run the back test for the same period, see if it reacts the same way.

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