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Private Master Trader #1

May 17 at 08:57
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This is kind of a shot in the dark but going to try anyway.

I was a part of the now diseased Myfxseed account management program and I had a trader handling my account. We were not given the traders name only 'Private Master Trader #1' but there was some sort of non disclosure agreement with the company where we are not allowed his/her information.

This was a very good trader. He/she actually had me to phase 2 of the challenge and things were looking great until something happened and the Account Management Program went under.

I am writing this in hopes that trader might read these boards and I would like to make contact with him/her. First to thank you for at least trying to get my challenge passed and the work that you did and in hopes that we can work on something separate from Myfxseed. Please PM me if you read this.


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