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Question: What would you like to see in a NEW broker ?

Hans Bowles (hansbowles)
Aug 25 2014 at 20:37
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My own tradings have always been going well for many years, I even share some of my tradings currently using my MAM, however this is not what I would like to talk about. But it does explain my capital and the resources I'm able fund with in order to actually become a broker.

I've enough sponsors and partners around me in the Forex scene willing to support me when I one day become my own brokerage, but there are sooooo many out there already.

If you are looking for a NEW broker, and you know that I will either this or next year start one, what would you like to see?

Of course the usual key things such as:

- no lag, fast execution times, etc
- low spreads and preferable low commissions as well

Some of the things I'd like to make happen are 24/7 staff including techs on the live chat support, yes even on a Sunday. The reason I want techs as well, is because through the live-chat an existing client is import as well, and nowadays it seems that more and more live chats on brokers websites intend to cut down on this in order to save 'more' money.

However I think it's also very important that technical issues and account problems to even IB and affiliates can be helped, instead of only helped with how to open an account.


Something else I want to know is would you as a home trader be more interested in 1 pip lower spread or prefer $10 as a commission, which would you prefer ? or a combination of both?


Perhaps a contest for demo traders, but instead they need to open up a live account in order to take part and pay a $1-$5 USD registration fee, so not only the price-money will be much bigger every month compared to other contests, also it keeps those (sorry but I'm not a racist) people from usually Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria trying to hack or scalp their way using various tactics into the price-money + ofcourse a top 5 earning totally 3k is nothing when I can do 20k divided over the first top 50-100. and perhaps another 100 who break-even and win their own registration-fee back :-)


Yes so many ideas, but what would you suggest? Any idea is welcome guys, I need you guys to make things happen for you guys so you actually will love being a client of my future broker.

Thanks in advance!

- Hans Bowles.

PS. not looking for messages in my inbox of people who to become a partner or sponsor or whatever, I have my own team as well as my own friends in the Forex scene, but this time I really would like to know some ideas from the traders, which are all of you guys (and girls).
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