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Ready made strategy doesn't

Jun 07 2022 at 09:29
27 posts
The best way to learn how to trade is by building your strategy. When you create a system, you are aware of the drawbacks and the outcome you desire to achieve. When you work hard to achieve a certain thing, you no doubt will succeed, because you hold all the information necessary having complete control to turn things around. Readymade strategies may work but not for the long term.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Jun 15 2022 at 14:28
401 posts
I like how you compared beginners to interns, I think that's pretty spot-on. It's really idiotic to think someone else is just going to carry you through to riches and you barely need to know anything - after all, if these ready made concepts worked so well, then wouldn't we all have found them and become rich by now?
Jun 16 2022 at 06:10
32 posts
A pre-made approach will never work for you in the long run because what works for someone else may not work for you. As a result, create a strategy based on your own personality and goals.
Jun 18 2022 at 05:05
48 posts
In forex trading, preplanned strategies rarely work. It is an unpredictable market that necessitates quick decision-making based on a thorough understanding of the market's factors.
Jun 20 2022 at 06:00
93 posts
UweMoench posted:
Ready made strategy doesn't help at to develop your trading skills. As you newbie you have to learn how price works, how an indicator works, why and when an indicator gives any buy or sell signals. When you are newbie, you are like an intern. You work to learn the skills not for money.
Absolutely, there is no way to copy others trading strategy; so new traders need to concentrate on their own learning process; thus they can build their own trading strategy!
Seb King (sebking1986)
Jun 20 2022 at 11:05
538 posts
If it was as simple as just copying wouldn't we all be rich by now?
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Jun 23 2022 at 06:23
17 posts
In forex trading, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The success of one trader's strategy does not imply that it will be successful for all traders. To find profitable trading strategies, one must apply and test a variety of methods.
Jun 27 2022 at 04:23
24 posts
There are a lot of readymade strategies available in the forex market but there is no guarantee if they will work for you. You have to make some changes to them to customise them as per your trading needs. This will help you develop necessary trading skills that will help you proceed further in your trading career.
Martin Joe (SupplyZT)
Jun 29 2022 at 11:38
26 posts
Even if you could just copy and paste a strategy that had a high strike rate the psychological aspect would still hamper some people
Jun 30 2022 at 09:51
36 posts
Don’t go for ready made strategies sold by instagram and youtube influencers. They sell an attractive strategy that apparently looks like you are going to gain millions. That is how they make their living, by selling people their dreams. So, the best advice to follow when trading forex is not to go for spoon feeding of strategies.
Jul 07 2022 at 05:00
17 posts
Right, ready-made strategies do not work. It might be helpful to provide an outer shell by the help of which you can frame your own strategy or plan.
If you are a beginner trader, please do not rely on other trader’s strategies. Like this you won’t learn, and won’t last long in the market. Learn, fall, and learn again, only then you will become perfect.
Jul 29 2022 at 09:04
32 posts
A ready-made strategy doesn't work. Every trader has a unique approach, and strategy should be developed solely on that basis.

Aug 02 2022 at 10:10
29 posts
You cannot pick just any strategy from the market and expect it to work for you. You will have to work on your strategy as soon as you obtain some experience. Just don’t expect any magic to help you make great profits.
Aug 02 2022 at 10:39
20 posts
I guess it’s quite obvious to believe that a readymade strategy won’t ever work the way a customised one will. So, instead of wasting your time and money on something that you don’t understand, you better build a new one after gaining some experience with the readymade one.
Aug 02 2022 at 11:10
25 posts
Ready made strategies do not work for every trader. It is better to develop a strategy based on your understanding of the market. You should test a few strategies and select a few out of them. If any of them gives you promising results, trade with it.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Aug 02 2022 at 11:58
538 posts
Exactly, draw inspiration from them and test them to see which bits work for you but there are so many nuances to trading that it's vital to find YOUR strategy.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Aug 02 2022 at 11:59
14 posts
Because the forex market is so unpredictable, you can't rely on a single strategy or ready made strategy to be successful here. So , coming up with your own strategy is the best way to proceed.
Aug 19 2022 at 07:35
20 posts
There are things that make us unique in every way possible. No two persons are the same; even twins have some differences. Other people’s strategies are exclusively for their trading; you cannot use them to your advantage. You try to imitate someone, and you lose. Trading is not like our school tests where we could copy to get good grades. In trading, you need to have proper knowledge to succeed.
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