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RICE trading candlestick basic indicator for Forex trading?

Laban Trader (for_xlive)
Oct 07 at 05:16
3 posts
What causes more forex traders to go bankrupt? The reason is that the most basic thing is the candlestick indicator which was originally not for forex trading, but for trading RICE 😁😁😁 Rice trading is of course very different from forex trading. Rice prices DO NOT have a correlation price formula, but forex prices MUST move in a Triangular price correlation formula: AB x CA = CB. So it is IMPOSSIBLE to measure the unit of rice used as a measure of the Triangular calculation system. But, why are there successful forex traders? They are successful not because of technical indicators, but because of sharp INTUITION to make decisions. Then, what if the rice technical indicators don't match and the trading intuition is below average 😁😁😁 This is what we conceptualized based on the Triangular forex correlation formula so that traders are on target in making decisions.

Forex is Correlation Hedging
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