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Risk management is indeed the best

Mar 11 at 08:12
57 posts
The result of risk management is noticeable already in the initial stages of trading.

Mar 11 at 11:15
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Coreyarren posted:
Freddraven posted:
robindude posted:
I should you should add some pointers about risk management on why and how is it useful for new traders.

Risk management is good but you need to stick to your decisions. Else there is no point of making plans for managing your risks.

 I don’t think so that one needs a list of pointers. If a person is trading, he himself will know that if he is dedicated and is ready in taking risks, and for that, he will be needing to manage them in order to keep their profits consistent.

One thing a newbie should always keep in his or her mind is that to manage their maximum risks, they should never ignore demo trading because if you directly start trading, the risks of losing money are very high. And demo trading should also be through a genuine broker. With a demo account you can trade through so many brokers without even depositing any money. You can use that 2% strategy where you cannot risk more than 2%. I trade with Turnkeyforex and keep on demo trading with other brokers to have the maximum profits but till now I found Oanda to be a good choice after Turnkeyforex in context to commissions and spreads.

Mar 22 at 09:49
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Yes, risk management can save a trader from unnecessary losses and it is also very important for all.

Apr 05 at 10:51
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Risk management is the backbone of having a good trade. Every trader should focus on both money and risk management.

Apr 05 at 11:00
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marcellamcguire posted:
Risk management is the backbone of having a good trade. Every trader should focus on both money and risk management.

I completely agree with you. Risk management is very much important to make money from this market.

Apr 05 at 11:09
336 posts
Yes risk management is the most important thing in trading. Without risk managment, even a good strategy becomes fruitless. Every trader should focus on it.

Apr 05 at 12:09
951 posts
its very common message but of course effective , i always try to make sure good risk management plan.

Apr 14 at 07:43
12 posts
Risk management is really important for a trader who wants to grow and keep trading for the upcoming several years. Learn risk management skills if you want to become a successful forex trader.

Apr 14 at 11:38
9 posts
Risk management is one of many factors that make a winning trader. The key part of RM is to help minimize draw downs. RM will not make you rich but it could help you stay trading longer so that you can learn the other skills

Apr 14 at 22:29
370 posts
When I was a new trader, I used to trade without money management which was the reason for my loss. So now I never trade without money management.

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