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The RVD Markets LTD company announces the initialization procedure of bankrupt

Jun 20 2015 at 19:49
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Due to unsuccessful hedge operations at the beginning of calendar year on collapse Euro to Swiss franc practically all funds segregated for clearing positions of clients on accounts at liquidity providers were exhausted. We made a desperate attempt to regroup clearing operations on the basis of internal overlapping positions of customers and and searching third-party investments for reanimation company.In view of the bankruptcies of numerous broker companies, the trust of private investors fell to the critical level, thus was formed a negative balance of deposits-withdrawals on trading accounts of company clients.The situation was compounded by the blocking of the accounts of the company in a number of banks with with freezing of assets for an indefinite term. So as an attempt to attract private investors to stabilize the activity of the company was not successful, it does not make sense to continue catastrophically unprofitable activity of the RVD Markets company.

Trading will be suspended with closing markets on world time as well as blocking deposits on trading accounts of clients.

It will be defined sequences of payments to clients after completion of procedure of bankruptcy, unblocking holds of funds in payment systems and banks and realization of liabilities of the company in the form of the software

Thanks to all clients for their trust and we are sorry for the situation.

Adrian Matusiak (adrian8891)
Jun 20 2015 at 20:25
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So my account with +200% has also been closed :(

So? Anybody knows does money will be withdrawaled and in what form?

PAMM MANAGER // Professional Fund Manager
TRORA (trora)
Jun 21 2015 at 04:35
120 posts
Yuriy Zelinskiy (YuriyZelinskiy)
Jun 21 2015 at 10:10
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Surprise-Surprise ! :D
I'm really sorry for the client's.
But as I sad before - never have any business with Russians ! Never. Especially 'broker firms'.
In my 5 years experience I never saw Russian broker without something fishy about it :)
That's why I was avoiding them all the time & cheering from the side of the road while every one of those 'Brokers' were falling down hard.
Every time their lifespan looks similar:
1. Opening
2. Small investment
3. Cheep or no licence / regulation
4. Poor trading conditions
5. Pure OTC Market Maker
6. A lot of efforts & resources go on Marketing & Commercials
7. When they see enough money on their client accounts it's the time to cutely run away :3
8. Making lame excuses
9. Disappearing with clients money :)

Something like that :) But I'm serious. Never have any business with Russians, Ukrainians or countries near those two. Statistic says that it's dangerous for your wallet.
Those countries have many of talented retail traders & programmers, but still a lot of scammers as well, that's their mentality, its in their blood.
But Russian Brokers - that's a different story :) I wouldn't trust my money any of them ! Ever !
Be cautious fellow traders :)
Clients of RVD Markets, keep up, guys, there's a lot of nice even perfect brokers on this planet, You'll find Yours, don't feel blue.

Oh man, another cheap broker goes to the bucket !
Bad for the business. It's spreading bad words about the whole industry.
Nice Brokers & Traders reputations are suffering loses because of those beggars. Damn it.

Jun 21 2015 at 10:14
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Please how do we get our money? choosing a broker this time is frustrating this business, I doubt if I can keep my money with any broker again. Please any body with any good suggestion on how we can get our money is welcome.

Jun 21 2015 at 12:54
35 posts
Bankruptcy in a day is a joke ! maybe scam !

Jun 21 2015 at 13:11
35 posts
Yuriy Zelinskiy what about those happy faces all over your text and words like suprise surprise... it looks like mocking and then being serious, and then mocking again... its anything but happy for lots of traders like me.

Seyed Mohammad Aghigh (aghigh)
Jun 22 2015 at 06:18
13 posts
all server in mt4 is no connection omg!!!!??!!!

KINJAL PAREKH (mycryptomoney)
Jun 22 2015 at 08:40
16 posts
how will i get my money back??
can anyone help with this issue insted of makeing jokes on people who lost their money ??

KINJAL PAREKH (mycryptomoney)
Jun 22 2015 at 09:58
16 posts

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