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Serious FX investors

Jan 27 2011 at 09:15
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Hi there

I'm brand new on this site, so still feeling my way around
My qualification is that of investment analyst - based in Cape Town, South Africa - and I'm trading fx full time.

Just registered a demo to check it out first and also showcase my trading (as it mirrors my live acc trading)
Almost got 9 years experience at current in fx trading - started off on own acc and lost big time...

Kept at it of course and after about 3 years got profitable. From there got bigger and prop traded for a Swiss company.
Now looking to get into the high net worth side of retail - min acc size at $100k - 20% profit share
Aim is 4% min per month - of course top side who knows

Can somebody maybe point me in the right direction please as to get in touch with possibillities

Best regards
Mar 24 2011 at 15:19
36 posts
im in the same situation.
still searching for partners (pro traders). pm for more info.

Apr 24 2011 at 18:23
6 posts
A good relationship with 'traditional' firms would be a good start, I'd say.

We find most of our HNW's come from the traditional assets and use our services as a diversification tool. Also, As a qualified Investment Analyst (CFA?) you could plug your industry contacts and the Swiss operation you where involved with. I'm sure you have considered this route, just check listing.

If you have a 3 year track record as mentioned you should have no problems introducing your services to existing portfolio's.

As for myfxbook, we have not explored its potential to any degree, we did not feel the system to be a tier 1 client development avenue.We would welcome any comments on fxmybook client captures.


Robert Woodbridge-Lee
Team Leader
Arriba Fund

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