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Setting up new account balance

Nov 26 2010 at 01:10
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Hoping someone can help here,

Original deposit 1000

Balance now 500

New trading system initiated with the new balance of 500

I can set up myfxbook using all history in MT4 but it will not set up using a custom period starting at new balance of 500.

Using all history obviously gives a false representation of the new system's progress since it is based upon the original balance of 1000!

I know I can change the time line in the myfxbook account page, but the original account deposit still remains!

Any way around guys/gals?
Soeren (GridsForPips)
Nov 26 2010 at 07:03
205 posts
Hi Pedross.

Did you PIN the custom analyzis (pin is just right of the analyze button!)


Always get cashback -
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