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Jun 28 2015 at 06:45
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Jun 28 2015 at 06:48
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FxMasterGuru posted:
fxtigerfx posted:
Hi all,

I have been having consistent returns on my investment since February 2015. Averaging around 10% per month.
The system is a mix of automated trading plus discretionary trading.
The system trades divergences and it uses strict money management rules. The idea is to build an account slowly through small trade size. By doing so, the system can literally get out of any bad trade.
If you like what you see and wish to copy my trades, it's only $30 a month .. I guarantee you will be satisfied.

To copy my trades, go to:

Take care

Other than using MARTINGALE money management elements, the results are OK.

But we all know what happens to Martingale strategies... Don't we...?

I monitor these trades daily and have strict money management rules. I won't allow a big loss. I will cut the loss on a set of trades on the same pair if the loss on the accumulated position is greater than 5%. I don't believe this is martingale since the system takes trades based on sound divergence principles. I am not trying to build a fortune overnight. I like to grow the account slowly but consistently. I won't allow the system to take a big loss.

If you like what you see and wish to copy my trades, it's only $30 a month .. I guarantee you will be satisfied.

To copy my trades, go to:

Jun 28 2015 at 08:51
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Here are mines:

Detailed backtests are included.

Jun 28 2015 at 08:52
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NO MARTINGALE SYSTEM - is a full automated algorithm entirely coded by myself.
This system uses technical analysis functions, optimized to withstand and predict market swings. It uses two methods of closure, one of which is a fixed stop loss and profit for the best security, and one variable that is not visible to the Broker that predicts the change of trend closing the position.

NO HIDDEN orders

I apologize ifdouble posting, i've a problem to visualize and manage posting.

Jun 29 2015 at 06:38
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Jun 29 2015 at 07:38
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husar2008 posted:

BlackPearl EA Trend/Gridsystem

107 open trades? WOW.

You've gotta be in it to win it.
Expert Profit
Jun 29 2015 at 13:40
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My profitable EA.... this is a professional expert. Interest please contact me

Good and stable

philippe (phil09)
Jun 29 2015 at 16:44
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Jun 29 2015 at 17:41
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phil09 posted:
from $100 to $2500 less than 3 weeks...

I challenge you to do it in live...then I will be impressed.What do stand to lose? $100 only..

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