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Show your profitable account here.

copytrades (copytrades)
Sep 28 2017 at 06:51
53 posts
Going awesome...:)

Trading Psychology is very important for trading success!
togr (togr)
Sep 28 2017 at 14:43
4862 posts
copytrades posted:
Going awesome...:)

Well the results are just too god to be true
Broker is pretty unknown
Though the account is verified.

gollo5 (gollo5)
Sep 29 2017 at 09:35
20 posts
Hi If you want to kwon more about my strategic sent me a email average of win 11 %

thank you

You can have simple strategic but with a good money management system and discipline you will get the goal without problem
siamleeaun (siamleeaun)
Sep 29 2017 at 09:47
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Oct 01 2017 at 03:13
7 posts
amptechs posted:
To traders in the Philippines,

Email or message us for more info.😄

That is dangerously bordering margin call. 70% drawdown is too much.

Oct 01 2017 at 06:40
920 posts
siamleeaun posted:
i am newbie Shorts only loll ha ha ha

Very good result as a newbie! Congratulations; by the way what’s the name of your trading strategy?

billionairegoal (billionairegoal)
Oct 01 2017 at 06:40
2 posts

Oct 01 2017 at 06:43
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SureProfitFX posted:
Here is my account.

I don't know if this is profitable due to the small amount of capital involve.

But so far I am happy with the performance of this account.

Hey, I will like to know you better and learn from you...Anything I can do?

Nice performance on your account.

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