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Matt (BluePanther)
Nov 13 2017 at 17:18
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mmltd posted:
SureProfitFX posted:
mmltd posted:
SureProfitFX posted:

So far 100% winning trade is maintained at a very minimal risk.

Why does your account show hundreds of few cent deposits and withdrawals? Looks like you are trying to increase your trade history number, even though in reality for every trade there are 10-20 deposits/withdrawals of few cents. I didn't ever see something like that before.


Where did you see those deposits and withdrawals?

If you are referring to the history, those are the swap rates debited or credited by the broker. I have some trades that are sometimes negative swap rate and or positive swap rate.

Sorry, my bad. Never had such an experience with a broker before.

I second that. An unusual method of treating swaps.

togr posted:

+ it is fully verified account
+broker is know and reputable
+ nice profit/risk ratio

- strategy itself is hope an pray. You keep position open for hundreds of way without SL waiting till it becomes profitable
07.20.2017 17:19 11.07.2017 12:35 EURUSD Sell 1.15829 1.15660 16.9 1.69 109d 0.15%

Agreed. Risk must be AT BARE MINIMUM to permit market to return a position to profit.

But a COMMENDABLE EFFORT NONETHELESS, certainly you are making consistent profits! Well done. 😎

Denis (ghostdenis)
Nov 14 2017 at 04:14
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vontogr (togr)
Nov 14 2017 at 15:39
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LorraineP posted:
Here's mine. I have applied as an auto trade provider since October. Denied today by myfxbook. Reason they give is 'Martingale', but if you look at my trade history, you can see that I don't use martingale.
I take one position on GBP/USD with max of 7 trades. My lot size is based on account size. Changes automatically. No doubling down! LoL

I've appealed their decision and asked them to take a closer look, so hopefully you guys and gals can subscribe for free to my system soon :)

Yeah I see your lot size clearly deposit to account balance, no martingale here.

prince_of_pip (princeofpip)
Nov 15 2017 at 07:41
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Loic Hellard (challenger)
Nov 15 2017 at 07:41
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prince_of_pip (princeofpip)
Nov 15 2017 at 07:43
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prince_of_pip (princeofpip)
Nov 15 2017 at 07:43
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Michael (SNF_Complex)
Nov 15 2017 at 07:46
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vontogr (togr)
Nov 15 2017 at 08:14
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SNF_Complex posted:



- not verified account
- not updated since Updated:Oct 06 2013 at 20:04
- unreal results

Oleg Orlov (Orlov_Oleg)
Nov 15 2017 at 15:56
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