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Benjamin Van Tran (tranle447)
Sep 16 2015 at 23:59
120 posts
vijayinvites posted:
Real profits. Followed by 100s of clients

Smart2 is quite transparent . All the details are shown up except open trades are private . I guess it is to prevent trades from copying . That is fair enough .

Smart2mam is not quite so . Some of the information ( deposits , withdrawals , lots , balance , equity etc.... ) are hidden . Why is that ? They need to be hidden for some reasons ? Why not smart2 account ?

Often , the best trade is no trade at all
udppp777 (udppp)
Sep 17 2015 at 07:25
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Sep 18 2015 at 08:21
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udppp posted:

everything else is boring ...

Well given you risk given your capital you are not going to live long. 200% with 6 pips... Lol

Sep 18 2015 at 09:40
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charlesadethib86 posted:
udppp posted:

everything else is boring ...

Well given you risk given your capital you are not going to live long. 200% with 6 pips... Lol

I'm following pipcraft system and to me looks very interesting ... about you after you've seen your result seems that the botton via is traced more for you... :)

Sep 19 2015 at 16:40
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Sep 19 2015 at 16:40
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I doubt there are any serious investors looking at this thread..

Sep 23 2015 at 09:48
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There has been reduced trading activity recently due to the high impact economic events surrounding the US interest rate decision, as our goal is to preserve capital while showing consistent gains.

Jason (jaymocha)
Sep 23 2015 at 10:04
7 posts
charlesadethib86 posted:
jaymocha posted:
After some up's and down's in 2014, a simple change to my money management was all I needed to be significantly more profitable. 2015 has been good so far.

Nice reversal in your P/L! I am interested to know what did you change in your money management to make such a difference

hey charlesadethib86, sorry for the late reply. in all honesty, my changes were very simple. I stopped trading high leverage and trade VERY low leverage now. I do manual trading only, and so my trades are subject to my 'mental state'... and i find that my mental state is less than good if I'm in a large loss ($$$, not pips). so i did some research about how to improve my profitability and looked at several brokerages statistics on their profitable traders vs their non-profitable traders. I found that there was a definite correlation between the amount of leverage used and the profitability of the trader. i also think (though no direct evidence) that there is a direct correlation between high leverage and 'maturity' of the trader. I think more experienced traders use less leverage. in the end, using far less leverage has been far more profitable for me.

Sep 26 2015 at 15:41
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even better with my real account. 😎

pipmasterz posted:

Leverage: 1:200
Type: Demo

over 250% in 30 days :)

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