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Sep 29 2016 at 08:55
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CitadelEA posted:
Forex_Developer posted:
CitadelEA posted:
Forex_Developer posted:
CitadelEA posted:
Professional EA. No DD, stable income, can be used for longtime investments.

No DD? Have checked your results lately? Your DD is bigger than your profits

Am I wrong or you are trying to say that 300 USD is big DD or that 300 USD is bigged than the profits?

Read what you wrote... you wrote your system has no DD, you went on to say it's stable with such high DD you are far from stable, unless your max DD was well under the 10% you are in the high risk.

First of all i think you need to have at least some understanding before you comment on given topic.
To say things like 'under 10%dd' that you have read in some e-magazine about forex, is totally absurd as this is viable for accounts which have balance which is many times bigger than our.
Second of all show me at least 1 account not more that has invested 500 EUR and has more stable equity graph than ours, i wont even mention 'under 10%dd'
And to just to add about your 'you are in high risk' comment, please inform yourself about the business we are talking about, as you may not be aware forex/cfd/equity trading by itself is everything but safe by definition.



Actually I didnt read it anywhere but from extensive experience which you seem to lack. DD is all that matters when you are trading seriously but judging by your comments you must be a gambler not a trader. I was not mistaken when I said your system is high risk but you don't agree because you don't understand what high risk is and the starting capital is irrelevant but I understand when you start with 500 means you are not serious about making money and only interested in gambling to try and make huge amounts of money, however, if you had started with $500k with a DD of 40% means at some stage you were losing $200k which is ludacrous and is only acceptable to a poor person.
Sep 29 2016 at 09:59
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togr posted:
iran_trader1 posted:
800% in 6 week with stoploss trade.
no ea
only technical analysis.

It is clear grid with high DD and fresh
hello dear friend.
i dont use any gride metod.i use stoploss in all deal with maximum 100 gride system dont use can chek my page at also post some of price action trade in forexfactory in real can chek my page on ff.
good luck.
Sep 29 2016 at 10:00
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RedRhinoFX posted:
iran_trader1 posted:
800% in 6 week with stoploss trade.
no ea
only technical analysis.

Impressive, keep up the good work.
Monthly: 387.43%
Drawdown: 51.33%
thanks my friend.
best wishes 4u dear friend.
good luck.
Sep 29 2016 at 10:13
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So I can't really make my accounts public just yet but I'd like to see what you guys think so I attached a picture file. Not sure if you can make any conclusions off of it.

So off the bat my system does at a certain point enter into a trade basket of increasing lot sizes for a given pair. If you want to call it martingale, I guess you can, but trades are only opened after certain criteria are met. It's far from the directionless martingale that I think is used in the classic sense, where a trade is opened immediately after one is closed and continued to be multiplied by additional trades until the basket closes. Mine uses fairly strict criteria for certain pairs, also with a limited max trades allowable in the basket.

Even though this version has been running for 2 months now I had optimized it for 4.5 months prior. So obviously we'll see moving forward but it's pretty stable even with relatively volatile market conditions.


Rivalrytrade (dentrade)
Sep 29 2016 at 10:14
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Nice and stable growth of 41,52 % (year!).

My system is about

1. Stable growing of the account
2. Momentum timing
3. Following and execute 100% my rules!!
4. No cowboy trading (gambling).
5. Emotion FREE!!
Sep 29 2016 at 12:32
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Hi everyone!

Conservative strategy with 10% per month for your attention.

Sep 30 2016 at 07:30
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ali66sh posted:

Hi there,

 With a decade of experience I have finally decided to publish my Signal !

This Signal is completely operated manually and on the basis of pure technical analysis ! I will monitor various pairs to identify and spot the pattern and situation which I have found to be the most precise in the past 10 years. Obviously no method is 100 % correct however we should expect at least 70 % correct trades with a steady and consistence growth (~10 % monthly).

Absolutely each and every trade will have pre-specified SL and TP.

Don't forget that getting the trade right only matters for about 30 percent ! What is extremely important is Capital Management and Emotional control !! the latter two are far far more important that just getting the trend right ! (I have lots of experience and stories to tell if interested don't hesitate to ask!) In better words getting the trade right is one thing and making profit out of it SOMETHING ELSE !

By the way trading frequency is completely dependent to market situation ! it might range from several time a day to once a week ! So patient traders are very welcome !!
All the best
Please open up your SL and TP orders. According to your history, you have 2 eurusd trades held for 17 days and in time taking profits of less than 4 pips. It seems you do not use a stop loss.
Sep 30 2016 at 07:32
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Here's my Oanda account.

Doing the same trades on my MT4 account which in time, I will make available on signalstart.
Sep 30 2016 at 07:33
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For some reason, the Oanda account is not updating for the last 2 days. I traded a profitable trade in audnzd this week which is not showing up.
Sep 30 2016 at 08:08
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Hi everyone!
I dont have any strategy,i only open a position when it is at the resistant or support , combining with news. i didn't set the goal for day or week or month... but when i have a chance to open a position, I set 1 lot for it. and set the stop loss and take profit. after that, i turn off my computer and hang out my friend.
yes, i will keep the good work!
let's see!

Ziya (ZKFXtrader)
Sep 30 2016 at 20:06
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use ea...😁

What EA is this?
Succeed in Forex trading
nonynek12 (nonynek12)
Oct 01 2016 at 05:52
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vontogr (togr)
Oct 02 2016 at 05:32
4862 posts

use ea...😁

83% DD during a motnh :) congrats
Lazellnet Labs (lazellnet)
Oct 02 2016 at 05:56
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Trading with minimum balance, high volume but small drawdown
Oct 02 2016 at 06:00
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23000 Pips September 2016 ( All done with 0.01 Lotz ) I loved 0.01 lotz guys
David (dato1989)
Oct 02 2016 at 11:12
48 posts check out my pamm at hot forex :) 7 months traded real pamm acount :) not verified because broker does not provide investor password for pamm acounts :) this account will be closed because of broker change and will update on new broker :) if anyone interested contact me.
MICK (patrickx)
Oct 02 2016 at 20:18
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Pepperstone Razor - Live verified acc
> 6 months completed
> +7051%
> $6 AUD / RT comm rate = approx. $4.5 USD / RT / 100k lot
My offers: FXCM $4.99/RT, Pepperstone Razor AUD$6/RT, VantageFX $4.30/RT, ICMarkets AUD$5.50/RT - no mark-up spread or slippage!
Oct 03 2016 at 08:18
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togr posted:

use ea...😁

83% DD during a motnh :) congrats

DD 83% because wrong setting on ea.. Now everthing ok.. DD below 20% and 1~2% profit from equity...
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